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Thika Cloth Mills Ltd

Thika Cloth Mills Ltd was Established in 1958. Thika Cloth Mills Ltd is one of Kenya’s Leading textile manufacturers and is committed to quality and customer service.

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Thika Cloth Mills Ltd has the capacity to produce more than 1 million meters of fabric per month indifferent blends, colours and prints. Thika Cloth Mills Ltd produces blended Polyester Viscose, Polyester Cotton fabric & textiles as well as 100% cotton fabrics.

Thika Cloth Mills Ltd manufacturing plant is equipped with latest machineries.  It is a composite textile unit having its own Spinning, Weaving and Processing facilities. Over a period of time the equipment has been upgraded with latest technology which are state-of-art machineries and manned by a trained skilled labour force.

Thika Cloth Mills Ltd has received a Golden Award from Government of Kenya for its relentless efforts and impeccable performance in the textile industry.

What we make

  • – Polyester Cotton Suitings
  • – Polyester Viscose Suitings
  • – Fiber Dyed Polyester Viscose Suitings
  • – Yarn dyed Checks
  • – Cotton Drill
  • – Cotton Twill
  • – Curtains
  • – Bed sheeting Fabric
  • – Khanga
  • – Kitenge
  • – Kikoi

Our Plant





Thika Cloth Mills Ltd is a modern plant located 40Kms north of Nairobi in Thika with Spinning, Weaving and processing facilities for Manufacturing quality fabrics. The market scenario is changing from traditional cotton fabrics to the polyester and viscose fabrics. Thika Cloth Mills Ltd has taken the advantage of its experience of being able to supply in this field.

Thika Cloth Mills Ltd has started to seize the opportunities to the maximum level due to availability of raw materials, existing marketing network and cost effectiveness which is backed up by quality control systems. Thika Cloth Mills Ltd has a large diversified product range making it one of the reputed textiles companies catering to every need and budget. Various special fabric qualities a remanufactured on regular basis to cater for the demand in local market as well as in neighbouring Countries.

New Products

A Major strength of the Company lies in its ability to successfully create and add new product lines to its established market inspite of competitive market conditions. The R&D department conducts research and introduces new ranges of fabrics to the customers from time to time.

Marketing Channel

The brand is in market in Kenya and abroad and has an established extensive distribution network within the country and in neighbouring countries. Thika Cloth Mills Ltd is established as a brand due to mutual business interests and its strength to hold a network of nurturing bonds and relationships.

Esteemed Customers

At Thika Cloth Mills Ltd quality is a way of life, via meeting parameters and deliveries that are scheduled for the customer Various special fabric are manufactured to cater for the demand from:-

  1. Converters/Garment manufactures.
  2. Traders
  3. Industrial Users
  4. Companies
  5. NGOs

Our assurance in quality is fully there and to work in hand with us as Thika Cloth Mills Ltd will also mean that you will also help to create jobs for the locals in terms of textile workers and cotton farmers promoting the slogan “Buy Kenya Build Kenya”.

Research & Development

An important attribute of Thika Cloth Mills Ltd’s business strategy is “Quality”.  It is part of the Company’s management philosophy to put quality above everything else and raise productions and services to international standards. The Research and Development department keeps updating their designs in accordance with fashion trends. The Research & Development department provides real understanding of consumers to help in evaluating the position and performance of new products and services. It is equipped with precision laboratory equipment specially imported from world-renowned manufacturers.